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Why Choose GOLF NOW! Chicago -- Chicagoland’s Premier Golf Destination Guide?

Linking up your business with GOLF NOW! Chicago has many benefits and advantages.  Golf Now! Chicago is becoming the preferred choice for many and is proving to be an invaluable resource for those who play golf, recommend golf, and for those who plan golf and activities for others. 

  • Golf Now! Chicago is a high quality, compact-sized resource guide with a year-long shelf life, ensuring advertising dollars are well spent and creating constant awareness each time the guide is open for a phone number or area information.
  • Golf Now! Chicago’s overall mission is to drive business back through its ongoing advertising, marketing, event planning, and relationship-building efforts.
  • Our annual golf guide is distributed to golfers, visitors, event planners and concierges in the spring and through the summer.  At over 1200 locations, Golf Now! Chicago has a highly visible presence and far-reaching distribution. 
  • Our advertisers receive all of the benefits without the cost of consistent weekly distribution and restocking costs.
  • Golf Now! Chicago targets local and regional golfers with money to spend who begin planning golf and other recreational activities at the beginning the year.
  • Golf Now! Chicago targets Chicago’s millions of visitors annually who have an urgency to buy now!   
  • We have excellent long-term relationships with corporate and hotel concierges, and meeting planners, whose profession is to make excellent recommendations for others.
  • Our distribution is personalized, which ensures relationships are maintained, advertisers are promoted, and questions can be answered.   We are always available to help when called upon for advice or needed suggestions.
  • Our advertisers receive all the benefits of our website partnerships which reach broad audiences thereby adding exposure and continual awareness.  
  • Through various association memberships, we take advantage of opportunities to promote the golf guide and all of our services at networking events and meetings.
  • Advertisers can also take advantage of the many other services we provide such as monthly eNewsletters, direct mail, digital guide, website, social media and many other marketing opportunities.

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